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The Bengal Studies panel

May 1, 2013

Panel proposal for the Bengal studies panel entered. We will see if it gets accepted!

The Bengal studies panel has been a recurrent phenomenon at the EASAS / ECMSAS conference since the mid 90-ties and it has become a major gathering point for scholars working on West Bengal, Bangladesh and the Bengali Diaspora worldwide. The 2014 Bengali studies panel will focus on the rapid changes that have taken place in the region during the last decades. Factors as the opening up of the Indian economy, globalization and the new technologies have affected the local context in several different ways. For example, West Bengal has experienced a change of government and Bangladesh recently had its own “Arab spring”, the Shahbag protests. We are interested in investigating the changes, transformations and developments that have occurred, both on the macro level, for example in political, ideological, economic discourses, and on the grass-root level in the local society, culture and tradition. The panel is interdisciplinary and we welcome contributions on topics as politics, culture, society, media, religion, gender, tradition, literature, and on theory and methods in the changing Bengali context. The common denominator for the contributions is fieldwork amongst Bengali speakers or the use of Bengali language sources.

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