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The Kolkata Intellectuals, transnationalism and Digital Diasporas

December 2, 2014

Examining Kolkata intellectuals and “digital diasporas”, this project increases the knowledge about and further the theoretical agenda in a rather neglected research area; migration, transnationalism, mobility and new forms of media in a global world.

The area of migration, transnationalism, mobility and new forms of media is a growing research field. However, studies of those aspects among diaspora groups from Kolkata are lacking. Further, most of the studies of “digital Diasporas” concern media as Internet, mobiles. There is very little research done on Web 2.0 and social media, for example Facebook, among diaspora groups.

This project extends on the theoretical framework put forward in socio /cultural anthropology, and media / digital anthropology and be firmly based in an ethnographic context. The research project will build on a case study of Kolkata intellectuals, the Bengali Hindu diaspora and their use of new media and social media. The project will cover groups in the local context of Kolkata and migrant groups in the diaspora. Research is conducted in both an offline and an online context, through anthropological methods, fieldwork, participant observation and interviews. (Andersson K. B. 2013)